Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

I happened to watch yesterday the latest(?) Comic originated flic that marks the 1st attempt of DC comics to bring to the big screen several of its characters to fight united against some great evil that plagues the planet (meaning United States as always). After the Avengers movies success it was only a matter of time.

We have a new Batman played by Ben Affleck who is angry most the time and stupid ALL of the time. He has a problem with Superman and wants to kill him… That’s right, the Caped Crusader, the Pillar of Justice, the Protector of the Wick (etc, etc) wants to execute Superman because he cannot be controlled and is «potentially» dangerous.. He pays no attention to the crimes happening all around him while he is focused on his target.

We have Superman on the other hand who seems to be confused most of the time and has the new teleport ability (that I was not aware of..) whenever Lois is in trouble. The whole city can be leveled and no problem as long as Lois is safe..

There is also the kid of Lex Luthor who spends all his on screen time resiting poems and quotes that never seem to have anything to do with the scene. It’s his wacky approach. He walks around with a stupid grin and an even worse haircut for the sole reason of him being close shaved during his final incarceration (what a true artist sacrifice!). He has a plan to get to Superman, for no reason that is explained to the viewers (that have not read the comic), by turning the public opinion against him. He spends all movie (3 hours long) plotting, manipulating and having people killed because he is bad.. no other explanation required!

The movie (for me) is the epitome of WTF. Scenes come one after the other with no apparent connection. Three hours of jumping from scene to scene where things and events are happening or are implied but never mentioned (..for the fans)! Montage is lacking to say the least.

Then there is the «PG-13» issue that almost all the blockbusters have to suffer in modern day Hollywood productions. A building explodes in a fireball and later we see the people that were in the core of the explosion being carried out dead with just a couple of bruises and some smudges.! Superman gets impaled and there is not even a drop of blood spilled! Batman is pounded through several walls and columns and does not even have a bruise. We don’t want to loose those 13yolds tickets!

Then we have the CGI issue. These years Hollywood in order to cut the costs (that have not been cut down by the way..Production Budget: 226,95 €) they do everything with CGI. Even there stuff that should never be done like that. I am not going the discuss the abomination that is the exact same troll-like » monster» that we seen in Hulk, in LoTR, in Harry Potter, etc (noone ever accused Hollywood of being original).


My problem is with the scene where Lex is standing o top of his tower in the helipad accompanied with Lois, 300m above sea level, with a helicopter hovering above them and all we see is a small breeze moving their hair and never spoiling Lois’s hairstyle.


They are so lazy, in-spite of the millions they spend making these «movies», that they completely ignore even the minimum amount of realism that is required for the most import ingredient of a successful movie experience, the suspension of disbelief! We know what we see is made up, fake, even hilarious but at least make an effort to help us immerse in the experience.

The last thing I want to address is the beyond stupid trend of Hollywood’s time bending abilities.!  In every action movie there comes a time where certain completely unbelievable things have to happen in the most ridiculously small time frame. This movie is no exception of course. Superman has to «kill» Batman in 34′ (for no apparent reason) in order to save his mother! And here starts the comedy.. In these 34 minutes Superman has a casual visit with Lois, then Travels to Gotham, then talks with Batman, then they both exchange stares, then some casual slaps, then they demolish the building. Meanwhile Lois reaches her building office, goes to the top, talks with her editor, orders a chopper, goes to the roof, goes to Gotham, reaches the scene of the fight, hears the last discussion, intervenes. Batman, who was about to kill Superman, hears that Superman’s mom has the same name as his late one and becomes best friend with Superman, they then agree to send him of to rescue Superman’s mom where he arrives there with 10 minutes to spare…….. enough said.

Rating: 3/10

Worldwide BO: 792.203.136,42 €

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


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