You’ve heard a million times how beneficial to your health “superfoods” and “healthy fats” can be when added to your diet, but did you know that many of these go-to healthy ingredients also double as beauty products?

Most of us know that olive oil is good for us, but not many know about its ability to help you achieve glowing, healthy, younger-looking skin and hair. Before running to the pharmacy or department store, next time you need to fix a beauty blunder, check your pantry for this easy, effective and affordable remedy.


Here are our favorite beauty-related ways to use olive oil this summer:


1. Dry skin cleanser

The nutrients in olive oil will hydrate skin, which is just what your dry skin needs! Try this facial cleanser recipe that’s ideal for mature skin.

2. Acne scar treatment

Olive oil is rich in essential vitamins, which makes the healing process for acne scars faster. Since it doesn’t clog skin pores, it’s ideal for acne-prone skin.

3. Makeup remover

Olive oil grabs onto other oil-based products so it’s a great way to remove stubborn eye makeup. Remove makeup gently with a combination of olive oil, witch hazel and tea tree oil.


4. Grapefruit cellulite oil

Paired with essential oils, use olive oil in the fight against cellulite. You’ll love seeing your smoother skin! Try our cellulite scrub and body oil combination for best results.

5. Heal Sunburn and Chapped Lips

After spending the weekend in the sun, rub olive oil over the sunburned areas for relief of the burning and to keep your skin moisturized. It also helps prevent peeling!

6. Banana coffee foot scrub

Avoid dull and dry skin with a “not-so-gentle” body and foot exfoliant. Get your feet soft and smooth, perfect for sandals, with an easy to make scrub.

7. Bug Bites

Whether you’re spending the night by a bonfire or watching the sunset, mosquito bites are inevitable. Rub olive oil over the bites to stop the itching and aid the healing process.

8. Dark chocolate exfoliating scrub

This luxurious combination of brown sugar, olive oil and dark chocolate might as well be dessert… but it’s even better for your skin. Try this easy exfoliating scrub recipe that’s packed with antioxidants.

9. Cuticle treatment

Give yourself a salon-style manicure at home, with the aid of your good friend, olive oil. Pair it with lavender essential oil to make a cuticle treatment before pushing them back.

10. Natural neosporin

Make an all-natural antibacterial cream for scrapes, cuts, light burns and other minor bummers. Just infuse olive and coconut oil with calendula to get started.


11. Treatment for thinning hair

If your hair keeps getting thinner and thinner, it’s time to give it a boost. Combine olive oil with coconut milk for this efficient hair mask.

12. Ginger hair oil

Olive oil leaves your hair shiny and healthy while ginger stimulates blood circulation, helping your hair grow faster. Your scalp will love this ginger hair oil, and so will your hair follicles.

13. Warm olive oil hair treatment

You only need olive oil and some optional essential oils to treat your hair anddeep condition it. Dryness, dullness and damage be gone!

14. Beachy Waves

Want your hair to have those “just got back from the beach” waves? Fill a spray bottle with warm water, add 1 teaspoon of sea salt and 1 teaspoon olive oil. Shake until mixed and spray on hair, then scrunch your hair to create the waves.

15. Beard oil

Olive oil works so well on your hair and skin, which makes it the perfect beard oil for guys. Pair with essential oil for a pleasant scent and gift away.



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